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Petra Cliffs Staff

Petra Cliffs is proud to have an amazing group of staff members and guides who are committed to improving the quality of our programs, experiences for participants, and the environments in which we play-- the indoor climbing center and outdoor locations. Many of our staff members wear many hats and fulfill many different positions at Petra Cliffs. 


Andrea Charest

Co-Owner & Guide (Rock & Ice)


Steve Charest

Co-Owner & Guide (Rock & Ice)

David Putnam

General Manager


GeneO Desideraggio

Head Routesetter, Instructor & Naturalist

John Wright

Assistant Head Routesetter

Erica Kamerzel

Youth Programs Manager & SumMAT Camp Director

Katie Alfin Johnson

Indoor Program Manager & Instructor

Asha DiMatteo-LePape

Outdoor Program Manager, Routesetter & Instructor

Craig Morrill

Instructor, Routesetter, Coach & Donation Requests

Avery Absolon

Front Desk Staff

Bill Greenwald

Front Desk Staff & Instructor

Carter Visicaro

Front Desk Staff

Cat Weiner

Front Desk Staff & Expedition Leader

Wolde C. North

Front Desk Staff 

Ellery Porras

Front Desk Staff & Instructor 

Emma Haberman

Front Desk Staff & Instructor

Georgia Lambrakis

Front Desk Staff

Grace Kline

Front Desk Staff

Jocelyn Savard

Front Desk Staff & Instructor

Maximilian Goldfarb

Front Desk Staff

Noah Johnson

Front Desk Staff & Guide (Rock & Ice)

Tabatha Foxwell 

Front Desk Staff

Wyatt Hackett

Front Desk Staff & Instructor

Aidan Halloran

Routesetter & Instructor 

Emily Sancomb


Evan Kirk

Routesetter & Guide (Rock & Multi-Pitch)

Kristen Fiore

Instructor & Routesetter 

Reed Tyson

Routesetter & Guide

Thal Kratzke

Routesetter & Guide (Boulder Only)

Dylan Thomas

Instructor & Guide (Rock)

Jack Templeton

Guide (Rock)