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Homeschool Group

A daytime program for local homeschool families. Petra Cliffs coaches will lead practices as families learn climbing basics, build friendships, and challenge themselves!  

This program occurs on the second Thursday of each month from 10:30am -12:30 throughout the school year. $22 per climber, parents and guardians free. 

This program includes:
- Rental harness & climbing shoes
- Coaching from a Petra Cliffs staff member
- A variety of developmentally-appropriate activities for the whole family
- Free belay lesson for ages 12+, including parents/guardians

This is NOT a drop-off program. Guardians are expected (and encouraged) to remain present and involved for the duration of the program.

*Please note: Everyone coming into our facility needs to have an updated waiver on file. (Yes, even chaperones and teeny-tiny babies!)