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Emma Haberman

Front Desk Staff, Coach, Friday Night Kids Club

Emma started her climbing journey fresh out of third grade and has been hooked ever since! Along with personal experience in the youth competition world, Emma has four years of experience working at climbing gyms. She has worked with people of ALL ages (5-65!) in classes, teams, and camps to teach both the technical and emotional aspects of climbing. 

Emma believes that climbing is for EVERY BODY regardless of age, ability, or experience, and loves to talk accessibility. She specializes in bouldering, top rope, and lead climbing technique, training, and mentality, but most importantly wants to share the joy of climbing and its community with all who are interested.

Preferred Discipline: Anything But Ice

Climbing Strengths: Technique, Crimps

Areas of Growth: Overhang 

Favorite Crag Snack: Trollis