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Ice Climbing & Mountaineering

Ice Climbing & Mountaineering Programs

We offer a range of Ice Climbing and Mountaineering courses which include intro topics to advanced skill building. Our courses are a great way to learn something new, have fun, and meet like-minded people. All course content can also be covered through private lessons; Private Guiding is offered any day of the week and can be fully customized to meet your goals and needs. Private Guiding rates and details. 

Intro to Ice Climbing 

Learn about the exhilarating sport of climbing ice! Along with a professional instructor, you will learn how to move over easy to moderate terrain. Top-roped climbing allows the freedom to master belaying and climbing skills, focusing on the most effective ways to swing and kick into the ice. No climbing experience necessary.

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Intermediate Ice Climbing

This comprehensive course is for those wanting to refine their ice climbing technique on steeper and more challenging terrain. This is a great opportunity for those who have been ice climbing before and are ready to step it up! Topics covered may include steep and mixed climbing techniques, using ice screws, how to build ice anchors, rappelling, and more.

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Women's & Femme's Ice Climbing

Our for-women-by-women ice climbing class is a great way to learn about the exhilarating sport of climbing ice - in a no-pressure environment. Women's Ice I is open to ladies of all ages and abilities. Join us and learn how to move over easy to moderate terrain using crampons and ice axes.

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Ice Progression Courses

Are you someone who has been climbing for a while, but have always been interested in Ice climbing? Maybe you've ice climbed a few times but want to take it a step further? Our Ice Progression Courses could be for you! A multi-weekend intensive style program with a heavy focus on improving movement on ice, learning how to set up top rope anchors, practicing rappelling techniques, introducing ice screws and leading concepts, with the opportunity for participants to mock lead!

Ice Progression I Course

Ice Progression II Course

Intro to Mountaineering

Learn the fundamentals of safe winter travel over snow and ice! Components of instruction include use of crampons and ice axes, rope management skills, glissading and self-arrest techniques.

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Advanced Mountaineering

A perfect follow-up to Intro to Mountaineering or for those with experience traveling in steep winter environments. Mt. Washington offers an extreme training ground to pracice your avalanche awareness, walking and climbing in crampons, white-out navigation planning and terrain selection- all while ascending the highest peak in the Northeast in all its glory!

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Adirondack Ice

The Adirondack Park is roughly the size of New Hampshire and offers a lifetime of ice climbing ascents. Join Petra Cliffs guides as they take you on a tour of New York's finest road side ice. Short approaches means more time on the ice and less slogging, allowing you to log more vertical. Let our guides show you their favorite places to climb in the northeast! (Currently only offered via Private Guiding

Crawford Notch, NH Ice

Crawford Notch is home to the famed Frankenstein area, Mount Willard and may other classic ice climbs. It is a must climb area for all aspiring alpinist.  Let our guides take you up a classic like Chia, Standard, The Penguin, Willy's Slide, Cinema Gully or many more! (Currently only offered via Private Guiding

Additional locations & objectives available any day of the week by Private Guide

Smuggler's Notch, VT
Lake Willoughby, VT
Crawford Notch, NH
Mount Washington, NH
Adirondacks, NY
Drytooling & Mixed Climbing
And more!

Course content can also be covered any day of the week by Private Guide, December 15th-March 31st. Please book at least 10 days in advance.


"Ice Climbing was one of the best ways I could have asked to spend my bday. Matt and Paul were both great and we thoroughly enjoyed our time up in the Smugglers area again - the section we climbed this year was much larger and more challenging than last year, which the guys enjoyed considering half the group was returning from last year. It has become a hit among my friends and we continue to get at least one solid 8 person group coming up 2 years in a row - I have no doubts it will continue on. The guys ask me on popular demand to do it again and so that they can invite more friends each time." —Rory P, Boston, MA