Petra Cliffs' Three Routesetting Goals:

  • Safety 
  • Fun and Function
  • Facilitate Growth and Improvement

Things to Know about Petra Routesetting

  • Volumes and features (aretes, stemmy corners, etc.) are on for all routes, unless they are labeled "off" on the card.
  • The purpose of grades is to provide a metric for climbers to track progress. Grades are our best suggestions of difficulty but climbers' morphological differences and stylistic preferences are a key factor to each experience.
  • Our grades are only meant to be consistent with climbs in our facility, not necessarily other gyms or outdoors. Generally boulders are harder and rope climbs are taller outside.

Pop-up boulders around the gym

We reset these more frequently than the rest of the boulders in the gym to support our climbers' growth in three, somewhat niche, climbing styles.

Slab of the Week
 - Tricky slab challenges that often traverse to help develop footwork and balance - reset weekly

Comp of the Week
- Competition style moves often including coordination & low percentage moves - reset every two weeks

Dyno of the Month
- A leap from one hold to the next where the majority of your body leaves the wall - reset every month

Routesetting Survey

If you have questions or comments about the routesetting we want to hear them. Select "routesetting" from the menu to send your questions/ comments to the setting team. There are some optional general routesetting survey questions and/ or you can provide feedback anonymously or with your email to the head setter if you'd like a response.