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Welcome to Petra Cliffs! Now What?

If this is your first experience with climbing and don't know where to start, you've come to the right place! Before we get started however, EVERY PERSON, whether they are climbing, observing, or cheering on others will need a  WAIVER COMPLETEDbefore entering the gym. 

Next, you can learn about the many types of climbing we offer from the basics of Bouldering and Auto Belays to continued education in Lead Climbing and more. We will give every new person or group an orientation on safety rules in their respective type of climbing. From there you can select what type of DAY PASS suits you. We do not require reservations for climbing and there is no time limit - in fact you can leave and come back all day long!

Climbing for beginners of all ages

Bouldering is climbing low to the ground without ropes and is great for beginners looking to get their feet wet. Bouldering is welcome all over the gym with a few safety rules for certain elements we will cover in your orientation. We offer rental climbing shoes for $6 a pair. 

Auto Belays are one single rope attached to an automatic belay machine and require a harness (which can be rented for $4). We have 5 auto belays in the gym and will give an orientation on how to use them to every new climber. This is another great start for beginners who are interested in climbing a little higher. 

Climbing for all ages, Belaying for folks 12+:

Top Roping / Belaying  requires 2 people, one to climb and one to pull slack through a belay device. If you have never done this before, we are happy to offer a lesson for $10 at any time, no reservation required. It is best if you have two people for this, but we can teach with just one. 

If you have belayed before we will do a quick check for all new belayers in our gym. If you have never belayed with a GriGri we will ask that you take a lesson. We also offer the Beginner Belay Package for $35.