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LGBTQ+ Climbing Nights


HAPPY PRIDE - We're so grateful you're here. 

This month we are teaming up with the Champlain Valley chapter of Radical Adventure Riders. RAR CV is a regional chapter of Radical Adventure Riders - a movement for gender and racial equity in cycling. Their group is made up of women, transgender, and non-binary riders who work to create space in the cycling world for themselves and other marginalized identities.

THE RIDE: Riders will meet at Battery Park at 6pm for introductions, glitter, and the start of a very casual ride around the Old North End. Slowly the group will make their way to the South End for climbing at Petra Cliffs. However, if folks do not wish to climb, they are more than welcome to just observe and cheer on. Waivers for entering the building are required, but supporters need not pay for a pass or gear. 

THE CLIMB: Folks are encouraged to sign up before so we can plan accordingly. We will provide nametags with the option to mark pronouns, do a quick ice breaker and introduction to gear as needed. The group will begin with a teambuilding warm up game like the grand traverse, boulder or auto belay relay, a bouldering obsticle course etc. Folks are welcome to come and go as they please. 

7:00pm: Introductions, nametags, a quick ice breaker

7:10pm: Warm up game like the grand traverse, relay, bouldering obstacles and red light green light

8:00pm: ROPES COURSE! (woop woop!) 

8:00-9:30pm: Free / Group Climbing / Clinic

$20 Beginner Package or Free for Members! Includes Day Pass, Rentals, and optional Belay orientation. No experience is necessary, we welcome all experiences, backgrounds, and ages. We follow a challenge-by-choice mantra to encourage growth while respecting personal limitations. So whether you're brand new and just here to observe or aiming to work out a specific technique - we got you!

Instructor Cat Weiner will be guiding the group through activities. As a seasoned instructor, educator, and multisport athlete, Cat brings a wealth of patience and knowledge to many aspect of climbing.