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LGBTQ+ Climbing Nights

Queer Climb Night

For 2024, Queer Climb Night is getting a revamp! Folks are encouraged to sign up before so we can plan accordingly. We will provide nametags with the option to mark pronouns, do a quick ice breaker and introduction to gear as needed. The group will begin with a teambuilding warm up game like the grand traverse, boulder or auto belay relay, a bouldering obsticle course etc. Folks are welcome to come and go as they please. 

7:00pm: Introductions, nametags, a quick ice breaker

7:10pm: Warm up game like the grand traverse, relay, bouldering obsticles and red light green light

8:00pm: Technique or Skill clinic based off of group needs (Beginner, Intermediate) 

8:00-9:30pm: Free / Group Climbing / Clinic

$20 Beginner Package or Free for Members! Includes Day Pass, Rentals, and optional Belay orientation. No experience is necessary, we welcome all experiences, backgrounds, and ages. We follow a challenge-by-choice mantra to encourage growth while respecting personal limitations. So whether you're brand new and just here to observe or aiming to work out a specific technique - we got you!

Instructor Cat Weiner will be guiding the group through activities. As a seasoned instructor, educator, and multisport athlete, Cat brings a wealth of patience and knowledge to many aspect of climbing.