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Private Guiding with Petra Cliffs Mountaineering School

Hiring a private guide can introduce you to the world of climbing and mountain sports or take your skills to the next level. Climbers and skiers often hit plateaus that will eventually be broken through with time, but private instruction can eliminate some of the trial and error process and help you focus on better technique, providing immediate feedback and a general education to your specific needs. Private instruction can be reserved any day of the week. To guarantee your space please make a reservation at least 10 days in advance; we will do our best to accommodate last minute requests, but we may or may not be able to fill your request with less notice.

Looking to take the whole family climbing? Our Private Guiding is the best option for family groups and anyone looking to get a group of kids out climbing. 

Learn More About Our Guides:
If you would like to book a day of private guiding with a specific guide, you can click the link above to learn more about our guides from their Bio Page. Our guides work in the terrain for which they are trained or certified by the AMGA (American Mountain Guides Association). To read about the value of hiring an AMGA Guide or to view certification levels, please click here. 

Let Us Match You With a Guide:
Not sure which guide to book? Click the link above to provide us with more information about what you're looking to do and your preferred dates and we will pair you with an available guide. We require at least 10 days notice to book private guides: please reach out well in advance of your desired dates.

Full Day Rates (7 hours, 9am-4pm)
Number of People Cost Per Person
1 $350
2 $250
3 $225
4+ $175
Out of state (NH, NY) add $45*
Half Day Rates (4 hours)
Number of People Cost Per Person
1 $235
2 $175
3 $165
4+ $130
VT destinations only  
Larger Objective/Remote Cliff (8+ hours)
Number of People Cost Per Person
1 $425
2 $310
Examples Cannon, Poke-O

*Out of state programs require a $45 fuel surcharge in addition the the standard cost. Surcharge is per program day, not per participant.

Want help getting started or designing your day of private guiding?   Contact Us Here

Have questions about our Outdoor Programs & Private Guiding?   FAQ's & Packing Lists 

Interested in exploring professional mentorship or becoming a guide?  Mentorship Program

Interested in scheduling a Group Program?   Outdoor Group Programs 

Discounts available:

Petra Cliffs Members: 10% off, use code MEMBER10
Booking multiple consecutive days: first day full price, then 10% off additional days
Returning guests: refer a new guest and receive $25 off a future guided day

7 Reasons to Hire a Climbing Guide

Guides have training, experience, & professionalism; they adhere to industry standards & quality

  • Guides are rigorously trained and certified: look for an AMGA (American Mountain Guides Association) certification. AMGA Certified Guides undergo intense training and examination. Certification by the AMGA indicates that an individual has been assessed to the standard of an internationally recognized, professional body. By hiring a guide you get professionalism, comprehensive knowledge, industry approved best practices, and high quality experiences.

Guides give you attention & tailored learning

  • By hiring a private guide you get a personalized experience and your guides full attention. This means you can ask all the questions you want (there are no silly questions!) and that your guide can adapt instruction to fit your goals, skills, and learning style. 

Guides provide you with education, confidence, good habits, & tricks of the trade

  • Hiring a private guide means you are getting the best education from the finest teachers: this means you can build skills and develop good habits with the confidence that you are learning the very best industry standards and recommendations, not to mention tricks of the trade from guides with years of experience. 

Guides have valuable local knowledge & beta, which means the best use of your time

  • Guides have immense local knowledge and can be an invaluable resource when it comes to learning about an area or specific objective. They bring the best beta and save time that you might otherwise spend trying to decode the guidebook.

Guides are trained for safety & risk management

  • Safety and risk management is a top priority: AMGA guides are trained to recognize objective hazards, such as avalanche danger, rock fall potential, and bad weather, and they are drilled in self-rescue skills. Hiring a guide means you can rest easy knowing that you are in good hands: guides know how to mitigate risk, evaluate situations that arise, and respond to any incidents that may occur. 

Guides provide environmental & access awareness

  • Guides are hyper-aware of best practices to limit impacts on the environment and maintain the natural areas we recreate in for generations to come. Guides are also up-to-date on access considerations: hiring a guide gives you a window into local climbing access and ethics which helps maintain access to climbing areas for all. 

Guides are awesome people, funny, and have personal stories and learning experiences to share

  • Guides are a ton of fun! Everything you want from a climbing partner: supportive, enthusiastic, and always cracking jokes. Hiring a guide means you get to spend the day with an awesome person with lots of good stories and personal experiences to share. Ask and you shall receive!