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Since 2003, Petra Cliffs' guides have been committed to taking AMGA (American Mountain Guides Association) courses and certification exams to advance their skills, adhere to industry best practices, and provide high-quality experiences. Read more about the Value of Hiring a Certified Guide. 

Our guides are educators and mentors, both for those who want stand-alone experiences and those who want to continue their climbing education either recreationally or professionally. 

Recreational Mentorship

For recreational mentorship, we recommend taking a series of Petra Cliffs courses and/or hiring a Private Guide to tailor your experience to what you want to focus on. 

Petra Guide Mentorship Program

The Petra Cliffs Guide Mentorship Program provides an opportunity for those seeking to pursue guiding professionally to gain mentorship and skills. The Petra Cliffs Mentorship Program offers a discounted guiding rate for those working towards training or certification to further their outdoor guide track. This discounted rate can be applied to 1:1 days out with a professional guide to help prepare individuals for the next steps in their guide track. Other opportunities for mentees may include shadowing Petra Cliffs programs, Q&A with guides, and additional resources for skill practice and development. As individuals progress along an AMGA Guide Track, mentorship will be tailored to their objectives, personal skill development, and career goals.

After obtaining training and/or certification, individuals who have taken part in the Petra Cliffs Mentorship Program have the opportunity to be considered for employment with Petra Cliffs to guide within their scope of practice under the supervision of higher-level guides. 

If you are interested in the Petra Cliffs Mentorship Program please email outdoor@ with your name, a little about your climbing background, and the training or certification you are hoping to pursue.

AMGA Guide Track

The AMGA guide track can be split into three main categories of certification: Alpine, Rock, & Ski. Depending on an individual's chosen discipline(s), they might choose to pursue the ultimate certification of AMGA Alpine Guide, AMGA Rock Guide, AMGA Ski Guide, or all three! Each category of certification comes with its own required courses, exams, and assessments. 

Folks interested in instructing rock climbing will often start by taking a Single Pitch Instructor (SPI) course followed by the SPI exam. The Rock Guide Course is the next step and serves as the foundational course for all additional AMGA courses and categories of certification. 

More info about the AMGA Guide Track can be found here: