Support a Camper: Sponsorships

A Petra Cliffs Camper Sponsorship is your chance to enable a camper to venture out of their comfort zone, take on new adventures, and form lasting connections with the community. With the challenges that have come with 2020, more campers than ever may need financial assistance in order to attend camp this summer. With your sponsorship of a percentage of tuition, a camper in need will be able to attend a week of camp without regard to financial hardship.

Sponsor a Camper through registration add-ons, or by purchasing a full or partial camper sponsorship.

For every sponsorship we receive, Petra Cliffs will match the financial contribution, and offer a scholarship in that amount. Each recipient of a scholarship or sponsorship will be chosen from a pool of scholarship applicants. All support is immensely appreciated by our kids and families. 

*If there is someone you would like to nominate to the pool of scholarship applicants, please have them send the scholarship application to camps@*

Come to Camp: Scholarships

We invite families to apply for a scholarship if they are in need of financial assistance in order to send their camper to Petra Cliffs. Scholarships typically cover 50% of the tuition for one week of SumMAT Camp during the summer season. Please fill out our scholarship application, and send it, with accompanying materials, to camps@