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Climbing Age Categories

Climbers under 18 will need a waiver filled out by their legal guardian prior to entering the gym. We do not accept waivers that are filled out by friend's, parents, grandparents, etc.

Fill out a waiver

3 and Under:

There is no minimum age to climb! Climbers ages 3 and under can try their first day of climbing free. After their first visit, climbers ages 3 and under are free with the purchase of any other Day Pass. These climbers will need direct supervision to boulder and can be belayed on toprope by an adult. Very small climbers will benefit from chest harnesses that are available to rent. Climbers ages 3 and under can still use autobelays with direct supervision, however, the machines accommodate weights from 22 lbs (10kg) to 330 lbs (150 kg).


Climbers up to age 11 years old are considered juniors (for pricing) and will need to be accompanied by an adult in our gym. Under supervision, these climbers are allowed to boulder and use autobelays. They also are allowed to be belayed on toprope, but they cannot belay.

12 and over:

Climbers over 12 are separated into two categories: students (12 - college) and adult (no longer in college), pricing here. Both categories are allowed to boulder, use the autobelays, and climb and belay topropes,  Military pricing is same as Student pricing.