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"Break the Ice" night

Posted Monday, December 28, 2020

1/21/2020 7-9pm


Designed for folks who are interested in ice climbing, but might be a bit too intimidated to go outside right away. Come join us at the Petra Cliffs climbing gym for a chance to get to meet some of our ice climbing guides and chat about what ice climbing is, and what a day of ice climbing looks like. 


Other items that will be covered include…

  • How to pack your bag for a day of ice climbing
  • How to dress properly to keep yourself warm throughout the day
  • How to fit crampons onto a mountain boot
  • How to swing an ice tool


Our staff will also be setting up some special plastic and foam holds on the climbing wall that can be swung into with an ice tool, so there will be some opportunities to try some of your newly learned skills of swinging a tool.


This clinic will run for about 1.5-2 hours, with instructional & interactive parts. 


**Attending this clinic will give you a discount on future ice climbing programs with petra cliffs**


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