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Cupping With Max Green*

Cupping massage merges integrative massage with the ancient technique of cupping, employing cups to create a negative pressure on the skin. These cups, often moved across the body, lift and stretch underlying tissues, facilitating the opening of connective tissue and reaching deep into the layers of the body.

Great for athletics, increased mobility, and decreased tightness.

At Max Green Massage Therapy, inclusivity is a cornerstone of care. As a non-binary therapist with a trans-friendly office, every individual can feel comfortable and welcome throughout their healing journey. With a new office in South Burlington, VT, Max is excited to welcome you to their healing table! Max Green is a Licensed Massage Therapist with a decade of experience in sports massage, pain management, and trauma-informed touch therapy.  

This class will run from 7-9pm and will be followed up by an advanced cupping class in the future where perticipants can purchess cups for themselves! Stay Tuned!