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Partner/Self Massage With Max Green *

Max Green is a Licensed Massage Therapist with a decade of experience in sports massage, pain management, and trauma-informed touch therapy. In this clinic, climbers can learn tecniques of both partnered and self massage to help aid in the healing process and long term care of muscles around the body. So come as a pair or rock up solo for a deep dive into your self care!

A little more about Max and their experience:

Max's journey in massage therapy began in Boston, where they worked with a diverse clientele, from weekend warriors to NFL players and Olympians. In 2016, Max moved to Nepal, where they provided much-needed massage to mountaineers in the Everest & Annapurna regions. There, they developed and co-taught a massage therapist job training program designed for blind Nepali students. They settled in Vermont 5 years ago, drawn to its vibrant outdoor community. Max holds certifications in cupping, oncology massage, and sound healing, integrating a fusion of healing modalities in all of their work. With a new office in South Burlington, Max is excited to welcome you to their healing studio!

At Max Green Massage Therapy, inclusivity is a cornerstone of care. As a non-binary therapist with a trans-friendly office, every individual can feel comfortable and welcome throughout their healing journey. With a new office in South Burlington, VT, Max is excited to welcome you to their healing table!