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Mobility Performance for Climbers

Kate is a performance coach who works with a variety of athletes to improve their strength and mobility in their specific sports. She grew up playing many different types of sports but was always finding herself dealing with annoying injuries that could have been mitigated or completely prevented with a proper strength regimen and targeted joint care. As an adult who still has way too many hobbies, because let's face it, that's what one does in Vermont, she wants to pass this love of taking care of your body unto everyone. After all, longevity in our sports and hobbies of choice is the goal, so let's keep our bodies healthy, strong and flexible!

In this 75-minute session, you can expect: 

  • a follow-along full-body strength and mobility routine

  • targeted focus on hips, knees, shoulders and forearms

  • question and answer forum style throughout

  • to learn the differences between flexibility, mobility and passive/active ranges of motion

  • a free climbing eBook and mobility guide