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Intermediate Technique Clinic

So you've mastered the basics of climbing, you're pretty confident on an Auto Belay, and Boulder grade tags don't confuse you anymore... now what?

Now we work on technique! How to not get pumped (very tired) right off the bat, how to use your legs for leverage, how hand placement and route reading BEFORE your climb can help you flash (complete a climb on the first try) your projects. So many words, so many strategies compiled into one neat 2 hour session with seasoned professional Wyatt. Bring your questions, your friends, and at least some climbing experience. But most importantly, bring your stoke for climbing and your will to learn.

Wyatt has the ability to get anyone and everyone stoked on climbing. Whether you are new to the sport or a veteran looking for some new inspiration, he will coach you up the wall. His expertise is in youth and introductory coaching, but is growing his knowledge base on climbing training and building plans to achieve specific goals. learn more about him here!