Women's Climbing and Wellness Day - March 31st

Join us for Petra Cliffs' first official Women's Climbing & Wellness Day! Hour long clinics for those who identify as female will feature bouldering specific techniques, movement & balance, sport anchor building, intro to climbing for beginners, yoga for climbers, climbing for ages 50+, and much much more from our amazing group of female instructors!After clinics we'll host a speaker, a raffle, and then the climbing specific program of the No Man's Land Film Festival (open to all humans).

Thanks to our female-powered sponsors who have already jumped on board: Skida and Compass Paper Co.! Many more to come. It has nothing to do with being anti-man-- but everything to do with being pro-woman! Head over to our Women's Climbing and Wellness Day page on our website to learn more! *Background image by Petra-raised artist Emma Yardley.