June Member of the Month!

Our members make Petra Cliffs such a special place to be.  If you’ve spent any time in the gym recently, you’ve probably seen Alex Wright hanging around. He’s checked in to the gym more than anyone else in 2019, so we figured we should get to know him a little better. Without further adieu, here’s Alex!

Question: Tell us a bit about yourself. Where do you live, what do you like to do, how long have you been climbing, etc.

I was born and raised in Burlington. I like fixing things, woodworking, exercise, reading, cooking/baking. I’m into puzzles as well, which is why I like bouldering. I started climbing in college (our campus had a wall) and was on/off with it until I became a Petra member in May of 2018. 

Question: What's a fun fact that many other Petra Members might not know about you?

I'm afraid of heights. The reason I started climbing was to help overcome that. 

Question: What is your climbing background like? How long have you done it, where have you traveled to climb, what’s your favorite thing about climbing, etc.

I started getting into climbing in college and only started doing it regularly last year. My favorite thing is the satisfaction of solving a problem I've been working on, or helping people solve their own projects (which helps me realize I sorta know what I'm doing). As for traveling, I was in Greece and started bouldering Mount Lycabettus, which is in the middle of Athens, just to get a cup of coffee. 

Question: Do you have a favorite route/problem here in VT?

I live right around the corner from Redstone Quarry, so I like to sneak over there sometimes. And honestly just climbing random objects around town to the chagrin of my beautiful girlfriend.

Question: How has your involvement in the Petra community/Vermont climb community evolved and what has it been like being part of this group? 

I've gotten to know some of the staff which is nice, and being friendly with other regulars. It's nice having this sort of implicit respect with people you see regularly, even if you don't talk to them often. 

Question: What do you value most about the Petra Cliffs community?

The local feel, super helpful staff/regulars. It doesn't feel awkward to start a conversation with another climber if you're working on the same problem. I've never been to Metro and don't really have any interest. I also like being around staff while they're setting routes and helping them beta test. 

Question: What would you tell a fellow Vermonter who is thinking about getting into rock climbing?

Don't go twice a day or you'll shred your hands. If you start to plateau, take a few days/a week off from climbing to let your muscles rest. Sometimes I get frustrated on a project, take a week off from climbing, and solve it immediately on my return. A mental block can be hard to get past if your body doesn't feel strong. Also core strength, always core strength.

Thanks Alex!