Co-Ed and Women's Adult 3-week Clinics

Our popular 3-week Adult Clinics will be offered again starting the end of April. If you've ever wanted to have some instruction on learning to climb, our Co-Ed and Women's Level 1 could be a great fit for you. 

Do you have some climbing experience already and are looking to dial in your skill and ability a bit? Then the Level 2 Co-Ed and Women's Clinic is right up your ally. 

Co-ed classes are on Tuesday's and the Women's clinics take place on Thursday evenings. Level 1 courses are from 6-8pm and the Level 2 courses run from 7-9pm. Each clinic comes with an addition 3-punch visit card for participants to come in and climb on their own time too. 

Interested in Learning to Lead? We are offering a Learn to Lead clinic starting April 27th as well from 6-8pm for 3 weeks.

Register for any of these clinics online HERE