Winners Announced! Bouldering Marathon for our Members

First prize!
Second prize!
Third prize!

    Winners Announced!

    Update: 7/27

    A big thanks to everyone who participated in the marathon. We're happy to announce our winners... 

    1st Place: Lucy Drury 

    2nd Place: Petra Fanslow

    3rd Place: Olivia Hunt

    Petra Cliffs Bouldering Marathon: June 22nd - July 23rd, 2020

    Do you like to climb? Do you like winning stuff? You can do both by participating in the Petra Cliffs Bouldering Marathon!

    Starting Monday 6/22 any Petra Member can grab a score card and start racking up points to go towards your total score to win some cool prizes! We've got a crash pad, a Mammut chalk pot w/ chalk, and a skin maintenance kit from Black Diamond for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place, respectively. There's no limit to the amount of times you climb and record a successful climb on you score card. The only thing that matters is your total score at the very end! 


    1. Competition is for members only
    2. Score is based on total “V Points” accumulated during the competition period. V1= 1 point. V5= 5 points. No additional values for +/-.
    3. The competition runs for one month. At the end of the month, the member who has accumulated the most V Points wins.
    4.  Each boulder problem can be climbed as many times as the participant likes.
    5. Only completed “sends” count for points. A “send” is when the competitor begins on the start hold and finishes on the finish hold, using only the handhold and footholds for the specific climb. Start and finish must be controlled.
    6. Each successful climb must be initialed or confirmed by a witness. If no other member is available for initials, staff can initial a score card (use the honor system and have them inital on your way out). Remember social distancing.
    7. Score cards will be kept at the front desk. Competitors will pick them up at arrival and drop them off upon departure. 
    8. This is a competition based on the honor system; your membership can be suspended for cheating. 
    9. Staff members are excluded from participation.