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We Love Our Community

We don't blog often enough. We also don't say "Thank You" enough to our community partners.

Last night, Petra Cliffs was invited to attend a film put together by St. Michael's College, "Extremely Limited: the right to access and afford extreme sports," put together by Seniors Lhanzi Lama-Giambrone and Elaine Ezerins.


New Monthly Send Series

Each month, the Send Series features a new fun type of competition including April Add-On, May Mayhem, and more... Those who win each month's event will win 3 Day Passes, and those who participate in 12 months of the Send Series will win fame, glory, and more!


Congrats to Betsy Manero!

Congratulations to Betsy Manero- Petra Cliffs staff member, St. Michael's College Student, Wilderness Program Instructor, AMGA Single Pitch Instructor-- and now Author! Betsy just finished a book for her Senior Seminar on Gender Identity and Empowerment in Female Mountain Guides.