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Two-Day Top-Rope Anchor Clinic (Summer)

Are you finding yourself a little rusty on how to safely set up a Top-Rope Anchor, or do you want to take your climbing to the next level by moving outside the gym and onto real rock on your own? This 2-day course introduces the complexities of setting up and evaluating an anchor suitable for top rope climbing outside. You will learn how to safely access the cliff edge, build anchors using natural features and bolted anchors, and any combination of the two. You will also learn when it is appropriate to build and use a belay anchor.

The first day is typically spent learning knots, understanding the equipment, and introducing you to the various anchor situations that may arise given the climbing situation. Learn from an experienced guide how to safely access the edge and set-up an appropriate anchor with minimal equipment and a high level of efficiency.

The second day is spent fully hands-on and immersed in you building anchors and then climbing and descending on them. Learn how to appropriately assess various anchors while becoming more and more confident in your assessment skills.


Lower West Bolton, Upper West Bolton, Double Upper, Wild West, Bolton Quarry, 82 Crag, Carcass Crag, Bolton, VT


August 25-26, 2018


Prices are based on per person price; minimum enrollment of 2 is required
Full days (9am-4pm)

(Reflects a 15% discount from private guiding rates)

Trip Details

Inclusions: Professional rock guide and all technical climbing equipment (harness, helmet, shoes, belay devices, ropes and all other appropriate technical equipment.

Exclusions: Personal gear, food, water and clothing (see equipment list for what to bring)

**Available other dates by private reservation. 

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