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SumMAT Day Camp & Expedition FAQs

What is your behavior policy?

In order to help our staff better support the children in our program, please let us know if your child requires additional support. We want your children to succeed, and need your help to make their experience with our programs the best they can be. Feel free to reach out directly to our Youth Programs Manager at

We see children act out from time to time, whether it is a product of fear, being tired or homesick, not being able to communicate their needs to the staff, or for other reasons. Our staff is trained to deal with behaviors that fall under the realm of normal challenging behavior, and, after giving the camper space to calm down, we use positive reinforcement and encouragement to involve the camper once again in camp activities.  However; if a child is exhibiting behavior that is putting themselves or the group in physical danger or emotional distress, we may ask that the child does not return to camp without refund.

What do I do if a session is full?

If the session you are interested in registering for is full, please register for our online waitlist. There is no financial commitment to be added to a waitlist. To sign up, please click the registration button and the week you're interested in (or multiple weeks). We will contact families in the order they signed up for the waiting list. We often turn to the waiting list to fill spots due to cancellations, and we will contact you as soon as space opens up. 

In the event a space opens and your camper is next on the waitlist, you will be automatically notified via email, and you will be able to complete the registration or remove your camper from the waitlist. Before the camp season begins, this process is automated, and the time to accept is 72 hours. Once the camp season begins, this process is manual, and the time to accept may be shorter at our discretion.

How do I switch sessions?

To transfer or switch sessions, please call the gym or email our Camp Director. If the session you are interested in switching to is already full, we cannot guarantee a space, but we will put you on the waitlist until a space opens up. 

What happens if I need to cancel my campers registration?

A $10 cancellation fee applies to all cancellations. 

  • With greater than 21 days/3 weeks notice, receive a full refund minus the cancellation fee. 
  • With less than 21 days/3 weeks notice, a 50% deposit will be forfeited. 
  • With 7 days or less notice, we are less likely to be able to fill the space and the entire camp tuition will be forfeited. 

There is the option to purchase the Active Refund policy, which would allow cancellation and a refund. See for more details. We do our best to have a friendly and flexible cancellation policy, but we also need to ensure that we are meeting our camp financial needs. Thank you for your understanding. 

What paperwork do I need to fill out?

Paperwork will be delivered automatically to the e-mail address you provide during registration. You may also click on the paperwork link that applies to your child below. Bear in mind that the Wellness Form must be completed by a physician.  We also require either the camper's vaccination record, or a physician's note that the camper has not had vaccines. Please upload these forms to your portal, or download the forms in the pdf format, print them out, and return them to Petra Cliffs PRIOR to the camper's first day!

*Please note that registration must be completed online or in person at Petra Cliffs-- sending in paperwork is NOT a substitution for registration.

When is my paperwork due?

Paperwork is due ONE WEEK BEFORE the first day of the first session your child is attending. (i.e. If your camper is registered for Week 3 (June 27 - July 1), their paper work should be in by June 20th.)

Are there extended hours?

We offer extended care for those who need early drop off or late pick-up. Activities during extended hours may consist of bouldering, climbing, ropes course, card games, arts & crafts, and other games.

  • Early drop off starts at 8AM.
  • Late pick up runs until 5PM.

How do I sign my child up for extended hours?

Add your extended hours to your cart when you register online or let us know as you go; we'll have the hours and staff regardless.

  • $10 for one session
  • $30 for every morning OR every afternoon
  • $50 for every morning AND every afternoon

How does pick up/drop off work?

Pick up and drop off always happen at Petra Cliffs. Campers will leave the gym for their activities, but will always start and finish the day at the gym. Drop off in the morning begins at 9AM and pick up is at 4PM. 

It is advised that on Monday, the first day of camp, you arrive early enough so that your camper can find their group’s Base Camp, and get introduced to their counselors before our Camp-wide meeting takes place. This will also allow time to make sure we have your necessary paperwork in order so that your child can participate fully in the week of camp.

Each day parents or authorized picker-upper must sign campers in AND out at the start and end of the day.  

Can someone other than myself pick up/drop off my child?

Only individuals whom you have authorized will be allowed to pick up your child from camp. You can designate specific individuals when you register for camp or by submitting written permission when you drop your camper off on Monday. 

What if my child has a friend going to camp? Will they be in the same group?

If your child has a friend they would like to be grouped with, you may submit a buddy request. To request a buddy you must enter a full name (first and last) when registering for camp or by logging back into your ACTIVE account. We do our best to honor all buddy requests. 

Buddy requests must be made at least 2 weeks prior to the first day of the session your camper will be attending. The request must be matched by the buddy prior to the start of the session. 

We cannot guarantee buddy pairings even given timely notice. 

How do I know which group my child will be in?

Groups are a maximum of 10 campers with two leaders, plus one specialist for rock climbing, kayaking and sailing. Each group  is broken up into ages, starting with Group 1 as the youngest campers in camp moving up to Group 4 or 5 (depending on the week) as the oldest group in camp. 

Because groupings are determined by the overall registration population, we are unable to tell you groupings until the roster is finalized. (This typically occurs by the Wednesday prior to a session.) You will receive an email from the Directors one week ahead of the session you are registered for with your child's group and a schedule of activities for the week.

Are there discounts for multiple weeks? What if I have more than one camper?

Petra Cliffs SumMAT Camp offers Multiple Children OR Multiple Week discounts ($20 off) for multiple children from the same family during the same week, or the same child attending multiple weeks of camp.  The multiple-child discount will auto-apply in the cart.  Please e-mail our Camp Director (camps@ if you will be registering for multiple weeks to receive the coupon code. The Multiple Child and Multiple Week discounts do not stack together. 

Will you take pictures of my camper?

Each week, we try to take pictures of each group in as many activities as possible! Please note: this is largely the responsibility of counselors. We will do our best to take and share photos of your childs’ adventures.

If you would like for your child to NOT be included in these photos, please contact the Camp Directors with ample time so that the staff can be notified. 

Ticks: what should I do to protect my camper?

Though they do share the outdoor spaces we all choose to play in, there is plenty we can do to stay safe and be tick smart. Here are some tips and info that you can use here and everywhere:

  • Protect  
    • Use an EPA-Approved tick repellent on skin when heading into tick territory
    • Consider permethrin treating clothing
  • Check
    • Perform daily checks on your campers! We remind our staff to facilitate tick-checks after activities, but it is important to do a tick-check once you get home as well
    • Check under the arms, in and around the ears, inside the belly button, behind the knees, between the legs, around the waist, and especially in their hair
    • Shower or bathe as soon as possible (preferably within two hours) after coming indoors to wash off and more easily find ticks
    • Ticks can go for a ride on clothing, backpacks, pets, etc. so examine these to prevent ticks from entering your home.
  • Remove
    • Use tweezers or a tick tool to remove tick from as close to the skin as possible
    • Wash hands and bite area with soap and water
    • Put clothing in dryer for 10 minutes on high to kill ticks on dry clothing
    • Dispose of a live tick by submerging it in alcohol, placing it in a sealed bag/container, wrapping it tightly in tape, or flushing it down the toilet. Never crush a tick with your fingers
  • Watch
    • If you develop a rash or fever within several weeks of removing a tick, see your doctor. Be sure to tell the doctor about your recent tick bite, when the bite occurred, and where you most likely acquired the tick
    • If you kept the tick you removed you can bring it to be tested

For more information please visit the CDC Tick Homepage or the Vermont Department of Health

What about lice?

We practice a no live lice policy - if your camper has an active case of lice, please refrain from coming to camp until it is resolved.


Our packing list recommends that all campers come with their own hat to protect from the sun, but this can also be used under helmets as a tool to prevent the spread of lice. Our counselors carry Lice Shield spray (for application to hair if desired) and vacuum helmets after use as recommended by the National Pediculosis Association. We recommend/enforce that campers claim a helmet of their own for the day rather than swapping helmets between turns.

Click here for more info from the CDC

Should I send my camper with their own helmet?

You're welcome to send your camper with their own UIAA / CE EN certified helmets to camp. We use helmets for our caving, outdoor rock climbing, and outdoor ropes course days. Please do not send your camper with a bike or ski helmet as they most often do not meet the UIAA / CE EN standards. Your camper will not be allowed to wear an uncertified helmet.

Please check your camper prior to coming to camp - there are plenty of at home resources and treatments you can try. Lice is highly spreadable and we want to do what we can to prevent it getting into camp. Thanks for your help.

Not finding your answer here? Email our Camp Director for more information

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