Walls Are Meant For Climbing- Join us for FREE Climbing!

Walls Are Meant For Climbing 2019 Manifesto 

from The North Face

Since 1966, we have viewed walls not as obstacles, but as opportunities. From the big walls of Yosemite to the high peaks of the Himalayas, we were searching for a personal kind of freedom. In this pursuit, we found a community –strengthened by different stories, experiences and perspectives. This community has shown us that the only way forward is together. We believe in a world that is united by difference, bound by empathy and strengthened by understanding.

Walls Are Meant For Climbing.

We see walls as a place to unite our community through the sport of climbing - a sport that requires trust and partnership. The purpose is to inspire us all to think more hopefully about the community we can build - as climbers, as outdoor enthusiasts, as believers in the good of humanity. Learn more about The North Face campaign.

What?  Free climbing, free gear rentals
When?  August 2020
Who?  All ages, all abilities

Signing up is not required but is helpful to us! Please complete the waiver upon sign up as well, and we'll reserve a Petra Cliffs 4x4 vinyl sticker for those who pre-register! 


We need volunteers to help belay! Earn 1 free climbing pass for each hour you volunteer. We recommend a two hour block to help with our logistics and consistency for our guests. 

Please sign up via the link and we will be in touch with additional details. Those who need a refresher or who wish to learn to belay in preparation for the event can take a free belay lesson before the event.