Isaac Bernstein

AMGA Single Pitch Instructor, Rock Specialist- SumMAT Camp 2019/2020

Isaac has been an avid outdoorsman since his childhood. He began pursuing the outdoors in middle school, building shelters in the woods and hiking in nature preserves in his hometown of Sudbury, Massachusetts. Through high school he continued his passion for the outdoors and took part on longer backpacking trips and then planned out his own trip on the Long Trail. Isaac began climbing in high school in a gym, primarily as a boulderer. When he started college at Northern Vermont University in Johnson Vermont, he began climbing on ropes and progressed quickly. Isaac is an AMGA Certified Single Pitch Instructor and is training to participate in an AMGA Rock Guide Course.

Isaac enjoys all forms of climbing including (but not limited to) trad climbing, bouldering, multi-pitch climbing and ice climbing. His experience has been primarily in the northeast with many days spent on rock and ice, though he hopes to take his passion of climbing to many different parts of the world.

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