Local Art at Petra Cliffs

Kim J. Gifford, Artist/Photographer

My digital collages have been describe as "hand-worked stories" and as a writer and photographer, I couldn’t be more pleased. They combine photography with hand-drawing in pastel, crayon, and colored pencil as well as digital drawing in Adobe Photoshop and embellishments such as embroidery and glitter. I create my collages in Adobe Photoshop using “recycled images’ that maybe weren’t picture-perfect as standalone shots, but work together to create a new vision of the inner word of children and also animals. Most of my digital collages have fantasy or spiritual undertones. I try to capture the “adult” within the child and the magical world children and animals inhabit when left to themselves as well as the crossroads children face as they make the transition from youth to adulthood both physically and spiritually.

My work has appeared in venues throughout Vermont, New Hampshire and Washington County in New York State including: AVA Gallery in Hanover, Darkroom Gallery in Essex Junction, Vt., The Photoplace Gallery in Middlebury, Vt., The Round Barn in Waitsfield, Vt., The Burlington Beer Company in Williston, Vt., The Pig Barn Gallery in Salem, NY and The School House Gallery in Cambridge, NY among others.

I am currently owned by two pugs, Waffles and Alfie. I am also a writing instructor who incorporates art prompts in my teaching. For more information on me please check my web site: www.pugsandpics.com


Past Artists

Lynn Eisenbrey

"I was 6 years old when I decided that I wanted to be a sculptor. Wire, clay, steel, cement... especially stuff that allowed me to create big things. I went on to produce several styles of ceramic sculptures, tiles, and production pottery during my 20 years as an art teacher. 
Learn more about Lynn and her work at wildfirestudios.net  

Holly Hauser

“My work inquires into the relationships of shape and line. I explore the language of mark making; how loosely referential forms and scribbles, for example, can evoke qualities of memory, recognition and experience.”
Learn more about Holly Hauser and her art at hollyhauser.com.

Corrina Thurston

Corrina's favorite medium is colored pencil. She was shocked at the amount of depth, detail, and richness of color that can be achieved with colored pencil and hopes to eventually help it to be better recognized as a true fine art medium. Her exquisite prints, notecards, jewelry and more are for sale on Etsy!
January - March 2015

Pete Boardman

Pete is a visual artist living and working in Burlington, Vermont. "I find inspiration in the constant motion of water and it’s freedom to slide gracefully throughout the natural world. My art aims to represent the invisible current that is hidden within the wilderness. Art has allowed me to discover a river of creativity and imagination that I believe flows through the minds of all individuals..."
December - January 2014/15

Sarah Morrison Yates

Bucolic VT scenes. Her accumulated work contains examples of various media and grounds, but she has been working most recently with wood boards, fabric dyes, and Golden acrylics. This collection is the result of settling on the use of hand made frames by her son, and fine acrylics applied to hand stretched canvas and linen. She returns to bucolic VT and NH scenes as primary subject matter.
Sarah can be reached via EMAIL, or by phone.
October - December 2014

Andrea Charest

Desert Southwest from a climber's perspective: Indian Creek, St. George, and Moab, Utah, and Red Rock Canyon, Nevada.  Crack climbing, desert towers, tape gloves, trad gear, pretty rocks, and a fire by the tent with the Bridger Jack range's profile against the night sky-- climbing is not only a sport but a way of life. 
Instagram: @vtandrea Blog: her-vertical-life.blogspot.com
September 2014 - October 2014

Peter Wadsworth

Backcountry Skiing in the North East. For each of the past 7 winters he has spent over 50 lift-free days skiing these amazing mountains, and he only wants more.
November 2013 - September 2014

Debra Forman Wilkinson

Flowers, landscapes and old barns taking on a collage element that is shown through the use of handmade papers, photographs, organic matter and a variety of other mediums.  
April - May

Anne Skidmore

www.asweddings.com & www.anneskidmore.com
photography, people, climbing, landscapeAnne displayed prints in a Silent Auction to benefit the Kismet Rock Foundation
January - March

Vanessa Compton

collage, watercolor, illustration, ceramic miniatures, mobiles and handmade cards
September - November

Sam Simon

photography, Burlington lifestyle
July - September

Greg Forber

oil paintings, climbing portraits
May - July
Story in Shelburne News

Many thanks to the incredible Jenny (Jacobson) Bittner for putting in the time and organization of these artists from 2012-2013! Jenny is a mural and mixed media artist, and does private and small group instruction.